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Where can I BUY bus TICKETS?

- Online on the site's home page by paying by credit card and receiving a 10% discount
- Free telephone reservation on tel.089825765 and full ticket payment on board.
- At the affiliated ticket offices/travel agencies, view the list from the following link: Click Here!
- In case of availability of seats, directly on board the bus (only the single ticket) with cash payment.

How do I make a RUN CHANGE?

Yes. Exclusively before the scheduled departure time, after which the ticket will be lost.
It is possible to change the date/time/name in 2 ways.

- By calling for free on 089825765;
- Online from the home page by clicking the "search for booking" section and entering the booking code and telephone number

How can I CANCEL the reservation and request a refund?

The user can cancel the trip in the following ways:

- Tickets purchased on the OMIO portal: request to be made via their portal;
- Tickets purchased at the agency: the user must contact the chosen agency which must certify the day and time of cancellation of the ticket with their own stamp and signature;
- For tickets paid with credit cards or PayPal: you can request a refund via email; before the departure time of the booked journey;

What are the REFUND methods?

- Refund before 24 hours: the refund will be made by subtracting 20%;from the amount paid as a refund, if the request is made at least 24 hours before departure; - Refund within 24 hours: the refund will be made by subtracting 50% from the amount paid as a refund, if the request is made within 24 hours before departure; - Voucher: a Voucher for the amount of the ticket can be generated up to one minute before departure and can be used on any of our trips, without a deadline for use;

To request the INVOICE of the travel ticket, what should I do?

The ticket is already a tax receipt, those who intend to request an invoice must request it within 5 days of purchase by sending a copy of the travel document and the billing data (tax data, address, unique code, in addition this lastly, for companies).
The request must be made by email to
With the introduction of electronic invoicing, any request, if not made within the deadline, will be considered null and void.

Do CHILDREN travel for free?

Children from 0 to 1 year old travel for free without occupying a seat.
If occupied by an infant carrier/seat they pay €10.00.
Children from 1 year old up to 13 years old pay €10.00.

Can unaccompanied MINORS be transported?

It is possible to transport minors between the ages of 14 and 18 subject to parental authorization.
It is possible to download and print the form from the following link: FORM

What is FORBIDDEN to carry?

It is strictly forbidden to transport dangerous goods, explosive and flammable materials.

Do I have to PRINT the ticket?

The ticket will be sent by the driver when he gets on board, to the telephone number entered in the booking.
An SMS will arrive containing a link to download the ticket, pdf format.
The driver will view his booking from the supplied tablet, you need to indicate your name.
I advise you to show up at the stopping point, at least 10 minutes.

Is it possible to transport animals?

FREE transport of one small animal is allowed.
It is mandatory to keep the animal in a rigid carrier.
Maximum size 70x30x50
The transport of medium and large sized animals is prohibited.

How much LUGGAGE can you carry?

You can bring a suitcase and a shoulder bag for free. Any excess baggage will be paid to the driver at a cost of €5.00.

Is it possible to RESERVE a place?

The assignment of the place is random, in case of need you can request the AVANTI place by telephone.

In case of delay, will the bus WAIT FOR ME?

The drivers must stick to the scheduled times and itineraries therefore they are not authorized to wait for passengers beyond the departure time.
When, for external reasons, you are unable to arrive on time, you can notify us up to 5 minutes before departure so that, in this case, we can move the booking by modifying it or generate a voucher that can be reused in a subsequent booking made by you.

What is the passenger required to check BEFORE the journey?

You must check the travel date, time, departure and arrival stop. Must arrive at the departure stop at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

What should the passenger do DURING the journey?

Remain seated when the bus is moving;
Do not smoke (including electronic cigarettes);
Do not consume alcohol;
Do not consume foods;
Respect the duration of the stop, for this reason in cases such as delays or traffic on the road, if the driver exceeds the permitted driving time, he will make a stop for safety reasons. To find out the duration of the stop, you can contact the driver.
Upon request of the on-board staff, show an identity document/identification card in the presence of tickets with the Over65/Forza Arme agreement.

Where can I see MY TRIPS?

The customer can monitor his reservations by registering in the reserved area (the email and telephone number must be the same as the reservations). You can then view the summary of past and future trips from the "My bookings" section.

What is the RESERVED AREA for?

By registering in the reserved area, the customer has a personal section in which he can quickly and independently manage his reservations, modifying or canceling them by generating the voucher code. You can also view any carnet/subscription codes purchased and the vouchers generated.

Where can I find the TRAVEL CONDITIONS?

View our travel conditions from the link below: Travel Conditions!

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