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The buses used are operated by Express Bus or a partner company. It is in the interest of customer always request the electronic ticket from the driver.
Any passenger who purchases a ticket from Express Bus srl or from the carrier of the partner company that hires it the responsibility for the trip accepts the following conditions of carriage of Express Bus.


The ticket must be intact and shown whenever requested by the traveling staff. For return tickets, the date of the outward journey must be indicated at the time of purchase the validity for the return is 60 days from the date of the outward journey, without prejudice to the obligation to book of the place also for the return journey.
No compensation or refund of the price paid will be paid in case of delay, any requests will be accepted only within the limits established by law and for long-distance services from EEC regulation 181 of 2011.
The aforementioned regulation applies to passengers traveling with regular services for non-passenger categories determined whose embarkation or disembarkation point is located in the territory of a Member State and the expected distance of the service is equal to or greater than 250 km.
All journeys exceeding 150 km are carried out with mandatory and nominative reservations, also for the purposes of any refunds or liability is in the customer's interest to provide the complete name at the time of booking and/or purchasing the ticket.

Minors: Minors under the age of 14 are not admitted to transport unless accompanied, unless authorized by the company, while for children aged 14 to 18 written authorization must be given by the parent or guardian. Download the fax-like of the authorization Click here
Animals: The transport of small animals is permitted and must be kept in a carrier with a maximum size of 70 x 30 x 50. The transport of medium or large sized animals is absolutely prohibited.
Bicycle/Scooter: It is possible to transport non-electric bicycles or scooters by booking the service by telephone


The ticket is already a tax receipt, those who intend to request an invoice must request it within 5 days of purchase by sending a copy of the travel document and billing data (tax data, address and unique code , in addition the latter, for companies). The request must be made by email to the address With the introduction of electronic invoicing, any request, if not made within the deadline, will be considered void.


The cost of the travel ticket does not include any fee for the transport of the passenger's luggage, which is carried out by the carrier only as a courtesy for better user satisfaction, in special UNATTENDED luggage compartments , limited to one suitcase or package not exceeding 20 kilograms. The accompanying baggage must be placed, by the passenger himself and under his personal responsibility, in the luggage compartment of the bus. However, the baggage cannot exceed the dimensions of 160 cm (length + width + height). It is also permitted to carry a shoulder bag to be placed in the overhead bin. Additional luggage is allowed, subject to capacity, upon payment of the ticket. The baggage is not insured, therefore it is absolutely forbidden to transport valuable objects if you do not have a specific insurance policy. The carrier is not liable in any way for the loss or damage to baggage, whether carried by the passenger inside the bus cabin (so-called hand baggage) or left in the luggage compartment. If fault is proven, the carrier will be liable exclusively within the maximum limits established by Law no. 450/1985 and subsequent amendments. The carrier is liable for the loss of baggage only if directly attributable to it and in any case up to the mandatory maximum limit of 100 per bag, with a maximum limit of 200 per passenger. Any problem relating to baggage must be reported immediately to the carrier. The suitcases must bear the name and surname of the owner on a clearly visible space, and in case of discovery it will be the responsibility of the owner arrange for collection at the location where the goods were stored.

Baggage fees: Free carry-on baggage, one suitcase and one shoulder bag, and 5.00 per suitcase for excess baggage Luggage sent (without passenger) must be accompanied by a photocopy of the deliverer's document. The price is 10.00 per suitcase.
Lost objects: They will be kept in accordance with art. 927 et seq. of the Civil Code at the carrier's headquarters.


The user can cancel the trip in the following ways:

- *Tickets purchased on the "OMIO" portal* request to be made via their OMIO portal;

- *Tickets purchased at the agency*
cancellation must be made before departure at an authorized ticket office for the line that will have to certify the day and time of ticket cancellation with its own stamp and signature or advance copy of the tickets with the words "cancellation request" by email to

- For *tickets paid with credit cards or PayPal* it is possible to request a change/refund/voucher/discount code, only and exclusively 5 minutes before the departure time of the booked ride:

1) ticket modification
To modify the ticket you must register in the reserved area with the e-mail used during booking or by entering the page SEARCH BOOKING by entering booking code and mobile number it will be possible to request a REFUND, a VOUCHER or MODIFY THE TICKET

2) refund before 24 hours
refund will be made by subtracting 20% ​​from the amount paid as a refund, if the request is carried out at least 24 hours before departure.

3) refund within 24 hours
The refund will be made by subtracting 50% from the sum paid as a refund, if the request is carried out within 24 hours before departure.

4) voucher
(To generate the voucher you must register in the reserved area with the e-mail used during booking )
A Voucher for the amount of the ticket can be generated up to 2 hours before departure.
The voucher does not expire and is not linked to the name of the original booked person.
The Voucher must be entered in the future, during the single booking phase and cannot be modified.
The voucher can be viewed from the personal reserved area if linked to the mobile number and email address of the travel ticket holder.
Following generation of the voucher, it will no longer be possible to request a refund of the ticket or voucher generated.
Vouchers cannot be combined with other forms of discounts.

5) Discount code
(You can request it by contacting our offices via telephone/whatsapp/email up to 5 minutes before departure you can request a discount code for the total amount PAID for the ticket to be used for the next trip.)
The discount code does not expire and is not linked to the name of the original booker.
The discount code must be entered in the future during the single booking phase and cannot be modified.
Following the generation of the discount code, it will no longer be possible to request the refund of the ticket or discount code generated.
Discount codes cannot be combined with other forms of discounts.



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