The History

The History of Express Bus

The story of Express Bus by Vassili Leonetti

Vasili Leonetti's Express Bus aims to expand the transport, always continuing the activity and tradition of Leonetti family present in the history of transport people forever.( history of Leonetti & Gallucci)

It is a start-up that started on 4/5/2014 with 4 pairs of weekly races assuming the first two units.
At one year he already has 25 pairs of races weekly with the second direct line: Agropoli Paestum Capaccio Battipaglia Salerno Fisciano Sarno Rome Anagnina Ciampino and Fiumicino, first with SAM Turismo, then with Infante Viaggi.

Today the Express Bus together with Leonetti & Gallucci and Infante Viaggi carries out 6 pairs of trips a day, for the various locations in Rome and 7 couples on Friday.

With the arrival of Covid-19 in the first months of 2020 there was a joke of global shutdown, which forced many workers to stop, and of transport is also a consequence.
In 2021 Express Bus continued to invest by purchasing Euro 6 buses, even if transport was at a standstill, we still had to not take our eyes off the future. In fact, even if with various limitations on seating, first 50% and after July 80%, services have returned to normal.

This was also possible thanks to our customers and yours active participation has meant that our services are known by an ever larger audience, so we have the certainty of being able to affirm that our goals will be achieved in a very short time.


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